What is Home Health?

Home Health services provide healthcare professionals such as nursing and physical therapy, in your home, to treat your medical and functional issues. Our services are prescribed by your physician and they are designed to assist you toward independence in your home and community.

Home Health services are paid by many insurance companies including Medicare often up to 100% of your costs. We also coordinate with other medical companies to get you the supplies and equipment you may need when you return home.

Benefits of Home Health

  • One-on-one care is available in the comfort of your home, rather than a hospital. This gives healthcare professionals the ability to personalized services based on your needs.
  • In-home care allows you to receive the specialized care you need from professionals, so that you can focus on spending quality time with your family in your home.
  • Average nursing home care in the U.S. is $7,271/month (2016-CareScout). Care at home can greatly reduce costs and relieve families from a larger financial burden.
  • With home care specialists there to help you with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing and preparing food, you can still maintain your independence and freedom.

Facts About Home Care

Reduce Stress

Professional healthcare services at home can reduce stress and responsibility for family members.


of seniors prefer to stay in their home, according to AARP.

Reduce Memory Loss

An active social life including daily conversation can reduce the rate of memory loss.

Our Principles of Care

Specialized Care

Provide the patient the most specialized care in order to return them to their independence.

Customized Program

Develop a customized treatment program focused on each individual’s unique needs.

Educated Staff

Educate our staff so they can better serve the medical and functional complexity of our patients.

Patient's Advocate

Provide an environment that allows clinicians to be an advocate to patient needs.